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March 24, 2011

Text Box: Grandmotherís Drums
Text Box: The drum holds a central role in the social and spiritual life of Native American communities.  A grandmother of Anishinaabe heritage,  I share here the crafting process I use in the making of drums.   There are as many ways of making drums as there are artists and crafters.   This is only one.   To learn more; e-mail for information on obtaining a copy of the book A Midwife of Drums.
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Text Box: A Midwife of Drums 
  A photographic essay of drum making from start to finish.  Available Now!!!!
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A Midwife of Drums provides a creative resource for anyone who wants to learn about the crafting process of a Native American-style drum.   Melanie Wiltse, music teacher and instrument builder, tells the story of her quest to connect with her Anishinaabe (Ojibwa) heritage through the making of drums.   Book includes complete instructions for making a hand drum and a hide rattle.        48 pages long with over 90 photographs